Medical Grade Imaging Empowered by VDI



•  Exactly the same working environment as at work

•  No need to learn a new RIS/PACS

•  You can leave the office part way through and finish it when you get home

•  No data is stored on your home device

•  Images are available instantly 

•   No need to pre-fetch 

•  Voice recognition is exactly the same as in the hospital and will use your      existing voice profile

•  Works with Philips Speech Mike's 

•  Works on iPad, Android & iPhone with touch control.


Proven technology & Reference Architectures

Radiology Departments globally have identified this as being the Next Big Thing for Medical Imaging. Doctors being able to access scans anywhere/ anytime, patient wait times decreased and no more need for large desktop towers is only scratching the surface of the technology whilst being able to render full Windows 7 or 10 desktop experiences for both onsite and remote workers.

Each implementation conforms strictly to vendor validated reference architectures which ensures that performance, stability and reliability is at its peak


How it Works

Each desktop is held within a secure datacenter with only the encrypted display protocol traversing the network to the doctors thin client. Critical resources such as CPU, Memory and Graphics are all kept local to the imaging servers allowing for quicker response and image load times.

By streaming the Display Protocol in real time, radiologists no longer need expensive endpoint computers to process images, as this workload has been shifted and remains in the datacenter, in most cases an iPad Retina is sufficient to simply project the images.

The Technology


Desktop Zero Clients

As the desktops are kept in the datacenter close to the imaging applications and servers and network resources, you simply need a Thin or Zero Client to allow you to connect your USB and monitor cables too. The Clients are all small form factor and can be easily placed on a bracket and attached to the back of the Monitor. The Thin or Zero Clients prime responsibilities are simply to project your desktop (in the datacenter) to your monitor and pass through USB connections such as Dictaphones, Speech Mike's, Printers and other peripheral components 



All medical grade Monitors such as Barco & Eizo work seamlessly with the Zero or Thin Clients and are completely supported by the vendors. Build to Lossless technology is a standard that ensures high resolution pictures whilst still delivering on high frame rates.

No Monitors or even No Desk?! Simply go mobile.  Any modern day Smartphone or Tablets can act as your very own Thin Client and combined monitor. You just need to download the Horizon View Client from the App Store or Play Store. As the desktops and Graphical Processing Units are processing images in the datacenter all your mobile device does is project.