Horizon View

  • Design, Build and Implementation Services for all moving parts of Horizon View. 
  • Best Practice Guidance.
  • Security Consultation, Access Points vs Security Servers, Protocol PCoIP vs Blast Exteme.
  • Remote Access and Security hardening, 2FA Authentication, VMware Verify, SafeNet, RADIUS.
  • Cloud Pod Architecture, Active/Active & Active/Passive Datacenter Geo-Load Balancing.
  • Persistent and Non Persistent Desktop Disaster Recovery.
  • Agnostic and In-Depth Performance Assessments and Health Checks.
  • Backup and Restore Techniques.

App Volumes

  • Design, Build and Implementation Services for all sections of App Volumes.
  • Best Practices Guidance.
  • Appstack Application Packaging Services.
  • Appstack Datacenter Replication
  • High Availability and SPoF mitigation.
  • Performance and Application Capturing Troubleshooting.
  • User Environment Manager -
  • Design, Build and Implementation Services for all sections of UEM.
  • User Profile Best Practices.
  • User Profile Migration Services.
  • DFS and Profile Replication.
  • Performance and Login Speed Analysis.
  • Backup and Restore Techniques.

Workspace One

  • Design, Build and Implementation Services for all sections of Workspace One.
  • vIDM Setup and Configuration.
  • Horizon View / Workspace One Federation.
  • Office 365/WS-FED & SAML Integration.
  • RDSH Application Presentation from Horizon View or Citrix.
  • IDP Identity Security.
  • Access Point Proxing / vIDM External Access.

vSphere - vCenter/ESXi

  • Design, Build and Implementation Services for all sections of vSphere.
  • vCenter customisation and Best Practices for Full Clone, Linked Clone and Instant Clone Desktops.
  • vSAN implementation and configuration, including Stretched Clustering.
  • ESXi Host customisation.
  • vSphere Metro Availability Clustering.
  • VDI Workload Management.
  • vCNS and vShield Edge (AV Offloading or Load Balancing) Setup and Configuration.
  • Enhanced Linked Mode.

Base Image

  • Windows 7/10 Install, Configure and Deploy Services.
  • Image Optimisation and Performance Troubleshooting.
  • VMware Best Practice Guidance.
  • Office 365 Integration and Activation.
  • App Volumes integration.
  • AV & DLP Agent Integration

Microsoft & Load Balancing

  • Active Directory Design Specialising in Group Policy, Sites and Services, and Security
  • Logon Performance/Storm Management
  • DNS Configuration
  • DHCP Install, configure and Manage
  • Assistance with Load Balancing setup for both Local and Global Traffic management.
  • Security and Load Balancing Best Practices
  • SSL Offloading